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Ayahuasca: Benefits, risk and everything you need to know about this drink

The Times of India 12 Apr 2021
Besides, it is also an important part of some religious ceremonies ... The Ayahuasca drink has been used by the people of South America since ancient times for spiritual and religious purposes. The people of the Amazonian tribes and some religious communities in Brazil and North America, use it for performing some religious ceremonies ... How is it made? ... .

Brazilian Ambassador: Mohammed bin Salman is amazing … he has made leaps and bounds with ...

The Eastern Herald 06 Apr 2021
– We have good relations with Arab countries and we have many Arab immigrants in Brazil since ancient times, and we also have an embassy In Iran, we are closely following all developments and stances, and great concerns in the region ... How did you find, as an ambassador for Brazil, the kingdom’s observance and protection of human rights?.

Which capital city was called Titograd until 1992? The Weekend quiz

The Observer 28 Mar 2021
The questions. Who are said to have made their last stand at Anglesey?. What is the only British bird to turn fully white in winter? ... Which capital city was called Titograd until 1992? ... Twitter ... Photograph ... Ancient and medieval board games ... USA; France; Brazil; India. .

Pakistan’s origins are ‘unique’

Dawn 23 Mar 2021
KARACHI ... The first of these categories includes countries such as China, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Turkey and Russia with rich ancient histories. The second category is of the mass immigration states such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, where people migrated from other places to settle there ... This is a reality ... .

Organized Crime and the Environment in Latin America: A Fatal Encounter

InSight Crime 03 Mar 2021
Such mining, overseen and taxed by armed groups, spreads toxic mercury across Latin America, polluting land and rivers in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador ... Timber illicitly sourced from Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador floods into Peru, where it is laundered by mafias working with corrupt officials to clone transport permits.

Re-Marketing ‘Racist-Zionism’ and Manufacturing Double White Privilege-Plus

The Palestine Chronicle 18 Feb 2021
To believe the lie that there was no Capitalist Jewish participation in slavery means turning a blind eye to the Jewish Museum in Jamaica, the tourist excursion of old Jewish sites of interest in Trinidad and Tobago, and doing the same to the ancient synagogues in Brazil fronted with plaques dating back to slavery.

Rick Galusha: Political extremism and hyperpartisanship are threats to our democracy

Omaha World-Herald 10 Feb 2021
“If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.” ... From ancient Rome to more modern Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Egypt, Hungary, Nicaragua and most recently Myanmar, the history of democratic countries is they can easily devolve into dictatorships ... .

Ancient owl vomit helps researchers unpack prehistoric bone secrets

Phys Dot Org 08 Feb 2021
candidate from Curtin's Trace and Environmental DNA (TrEnD) Laboratory at the School of Molecular and Life Sciences, said the research involved ancient bones collected during cave excavations done in Brazil in the 1800s by Danish naturalist P.W ... The study, "Ancient DNA preserved in small bone fragments from the P.W.

Make way for Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman

Polygon 03 Feb 2021
Raised in Jones’ native Boise, Idaho, the hero will travel to Brazil to discover her roots ... But to give the weapon a link to ancient Brazil, she based its shape on a spear tip found at an Amazonian anthropological site, enlarged, elongated, and given a hilt.

Giant Obsidian Golden Eagle Surfaces in Mexico

Ancient Origins 27 Jan 2021
The ancient bas-relief is “the largest in a set of 67 similar elements discovered in the Templo Mayor ... The eagle was not only symbolic in ancient Mexico but across the entirety of South America from Brazil in the east to Ecuador in the west, and Peru in the south.

Brazil Prez compares Covishield to "Sanjeevani Booti"; thanks PM Modi for vaccines in epic way

International Business Times 22 Jan 2021
Being the second on the list next only to the United States, Brazil has reported some 86,99,814 cases of Covid-19 and 2,14,228 deaths so far ... Bolsonaro, in his tweet, included an image of Lord Hanuman –epic from ancient India – bringing the 'Sanjivani booti' from India to Brazil ... From Bhutan, Pakistan to Brazil.

Pumas, Cougars And Jaguars: Feline Deities Of Prehistoric South America

Ancient Origins 20 Jan 2021
The Andean mountain lion, often called the South American cougar, ( Puma concolor ), is perhaps best known simply as the puma, and this manhunter ruled the forests and jungles of western South America, from Colombia and Venezuela to Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Several species have been identified in ancient South America.

A workshop in Spain is using 3D-printing tech to make 'fake' versions of ancient masterpieces

Business Insider 23 Dec 2020
This is the end stage of a process that begins with technicians using LiDAR scanners, precision photography, and 3D modeling to capture everything from the tombs in the Valley of the Kings to ancient cave drawings in Brazil and works of art by 16th-century European masters.

'Like nothing seen in nature before': strange dinosaur has scientists enthralled

The Guardian 16 Dec 2020
The highly unusual Ubirajara jubatus boasted a mane of ‘hair-like structions’ and two ‘ribbon-like features’, ...